PPT Eyes

Eyes 2014

The PPT eyes is used for head tracking. It consists of two LEDs, each covered by a white ball that diffuses the signal. The raw tracking data of each LED is X,Y,Z position data. The yaw and roll of the device is calculated using the positions of the two tracking sources and their fixed distance from each other. 

  WalkingVR ProjectionVR
 MountingMounted on top of the Oculus headsetMounted on top of 3D glasses
 UsageProvides 6DOF head tracking data in combination with Oculus inertial sensor orientation. The head tracking position is calculated as the center point between the two LEDs.  The yaw data provided by PPT Eyes is used to correct for any yaw drift that occurs with the Oculus inertial sensor. Provides 5DOF head tracking data. This fully determines the user's viewpoint location for a projection display. The head tracking position is calculated as the center point between the two LEDs. The yaw and roll components are used to render the images correctly for stereoscopic viewing.

Power button

This is a push-in button located on the top of the device. Press the button once to turn the device on or off. The device will enter manual configuration mode if the button is held down for more than one second.

LED indicator light

The LED is used to :

  • Show battery charge
  • Assist with marker programming in manual configuration mode

When plugged into power, the red blinks indicate the device is charging. The blinking speed decreases as the charge increases. When fully charged, the light turns solid green.


The device has a 350mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery. The following chart shows battery life at different intensities. The optimal intensity is based on the size of the tracking area. Hours are approximate and based on a new battery

Intensity Hours Tracking Range (meters)
Low  4 < 2 x 2
Medium 2.5 < 5 x 5
High 1 >= 5 x 5

WorldViz Device Setup

There are two methods to change the marker numbers, intensity, and sleep mode of the PPT Eyes. The easier and recommended method is to use the WorldViz Device Setup tool. The second method is the manual configuration mode mentioned above. Manual configuration mode is described in the PPT documentation.