PPT Wand

The PPT wand tracks the user's hand and allows the user to interact with and navigate the virtual environment using button/analog inputsIt provides 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) using the optical LEDs and an internal orientation sensor. The wand is equipped with an ergonomic trigger, joystick, and D-pad buttons and communicates to the receiver over Radio Frequency (RF)

Power button

This is a push-in button located at the side of the device. Press the button once to turn the device on or off. The device will enter manual configuration mode if the button is held down for more than one second.

LED indicator light

The LED is used to :

  • Show battery charge
  • Assist with marker programming in manual configuration mode

When plugged into power, the red blinks indicate the device is charging. The blinking speed decreases as the charge increases. When fully charged, the light turns solid green.


The device has a 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery. The following chart shows battery life at different intensities. The optimal intensity is based on the size of the tracking area. Hours are approximate and based on a new battery

Intensity  Hours  Tracking Range (meters)
Low  14+  < 2 x 2
Medium 10+  < 5 x 5
High 8+  >= 5 x 5

WorldViz Device Setup

There are two methods to change the marker numbers, intensity, and sleep of the PPT Wand. The easier and recommended method is to use the WorldViz Device Setup tool. The second method is the manual configuration mode mentioned above. Manual configuration mode is described in the PPT documentation.

 Problem  Solution
Wand signals (analog, button, orientation) are not received reliably This problem can be caused by RF interference. Remove other RF signals if possible.
The wand does not connect in Vizard. Make sure you have the wand turned on before you run any Vizard script. The Vizard script connects to the wand at the beginning of the process so it is important to have the wand turned on before starting the script.
The joystick steers toward a certain direction but it is not steered physically. Reconnect the wand receiver and power cycle the wand. If the problem still exists either in PPT and Vizard, it indicates that the calibration file in the wand is somehow corrupted and it needs to be sent back to WorldViz for repair.
The wand does not turn on or show any indication that it is charging. In most cases this can be fixed by re-seating the battery inside the wand and charging it again:
  1. The wand can be opened up with a small phillips screwdriver.
  2. Unplug the battery from the connector and wait a few seconds.
  3. Plug the battery back in
  4. Place the cover back on the wand
  5. Charge using the charger provided. It can take a minute or more after re-seating to see the wand start charging.
If this does not work, contact WorldViz support. It maybe necessary to replace the battery.