VizMove Projection

Follow the steps below to connect the projectors and 3D emitter to the Projection VR computer. 

The following image shows the Nvidia Quadro outputs and 3-Pin Mini DIN connector on the stereo card

Plug in the DisplayPort to HDMI adapters

Plug the projector HMDI cables into the adapters

Plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI-1 port of the projector

The projector is shipped from WorldViz pre-configured for 3D projection. Use the on-board controls or remote controller to power the projector on and off 

Connect the 3D Emitter to the stereo card using the 3-Pin Mini DIN cable.

Connect the 3-Pin Mini DIN connector cable to the 3D emitter

Attach the PPT Eyes to the 3D glasses using the mounting clips