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Camera Settings

Note: It is not necessary to change the camera settings for most tracking scenarios. 

The settings can be accessed from the 2D camera view by pressing the button. Reasons for changing the camera settings include:

  • Interfering lightThe most common case for changing the settings is to filter out interfering light. For small points/regions of static interfering light, it's often easier to crop out a small area of the camera view instead of changing the camera settings. 
  • Large tracking area
  • Fast moving markers

The two camera settings that can be changed are:

  • Threshold:  PPT Studio will ignore all pixels below the threshold within the camera view when searching for a marker light. The default value is 220.
  • Gain: The gain setting is a multiplier to the camera signal. The default value is 0.

Adjusting the Camera Settings

The following table shows the settings to use for different tracking scenarios. After changing one camera's settings, right click on that camera's view and select Copy settings to all. For irregular setups or setups with ambient lighting, it maybe necessary to adjust each camera individually.

Interfering light Increase the thresholdDefaultHigh thresholds can affect aquisition of fast moving markers in large tracking areas.
Large tracking areaDefaultIncrease the gain. 4 is the largest recommended valueAs a first step, increase the marker intensity to high using the WorldViz Device Setup tool. If markers still flicker or disappear even though there is no line-of-sight occlusion, try increasing the gain.
Fast moving markersDecrease the threshold DefaultIf the cameras are not able to find fast moving markers, try lowering the threshold.