WorldViz Device Setup

Use this utility program to configure marker intensity, ID number and sleep mode for the following WorldViz devices:

  • PPT Eyes

  • PPT Wand

  • MarkerID

Connect the device to the machine with the USB data cable provided and run WorldViz Device Setup.exe. This executable can be found in the PPTStudio folder on machines with PPT Studio installed. To run on machines without PPT Studio, contact WorldViz for a download link.

The following image shows PPT Eyes that are found by the setup program:

  • Marker Type: Use MarkerID 8 mode if less than 8 markers being tracked, for more than 8 markers use MarkerID 32 mode.

  • Camera Type: Select 240Hz (PPT-N)

  • Intensity: Use at the lowest intensity required for robust tracking.

  • IR LEDs on USB: Use only for custom solutions where markers are connected to USB power while tracked.

  • LEDs active: PPT Eyes and Wand each have two LEDs. This option allows for enabling one or both LEDs. PPT Eyes should always be set to use both LEDs. PPT Wand should be set to use one LED unless there is orientation sensor drift. When drift is an issue, both LEDs can be used as part of an optical heading solution.

  • Sleep Enabled: When enabled, the marker(s) will go into sleep mode if not moved for the time specified (in seconds) in the Sleep After field. Sleeping markers do not emit IR light and are woken up by movement.

After making any changes be sure to click on Save Data