Testing a new configuration file

Run the config file and verify the following:

  • Face PPT north and hold the wand directly in front of you. You should see a virtual hand rendered at the correct position. Press the trigger button at the same time as the analog button on the wand. This will reset the wand's orientation so it's aligned with PPT's coordinate system. The orientation of the virtual hand should now match the wand's orientation.

  • The viewpoint updates smoothly with head tracker movements

  • You are able to navigate using wand joystick and button presses

  • The hand makes a fist gesture when the wand trigger is pressed

  • Walking VR only

    • Script runs at 90 fps. Press F4 with the config running to see the framerate

  • Projection VR only

    • The display appears correctly in stereo

    • You can verify this also by selecting the "Display" tab and clicking on the "Debug" button. This will pop open a window that will display only "R" to your right eye when your left eye is closed while wearing shutter glasses and only "L" when your right eye is closed. If you see only "R" or "L" then stereo is not working. If stereo is reversed (you see "L" with your right eye an vice versa) you can flip it either on the projector itself or in the 3D settings of the Nvidia driver.

    • The projected image should begin to invert along the Y axis (top > bottom) precisely when the PPT Eyes are held against a wall. If the image inverts before the eyes reach the wall or the eyes need to move beyond the wall, it is an indication the measurements are off.

    • Script runs at 120 fps. Press F4 with the config running to see the framerate