VizMove Projection

Follow the steps below to connect the projectors and 3D emitter to the Projection VR computer.

The following image shows the Nvidia Quadro outputs and 3-Pin Mini DIN connector on the stereo card

Plug in the DisplayPort to HDMI adapters

Plug the projector HMDI cables into the adapters. Some HDMI cables are directional. Make sure the 'Source' end is plugged into the PC and the 'Display' end into the projector. It is best to connect the projectors in order from left to right (ie. the left most projector should go in the slot marked by a small '1' on the GPU).

Plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI-1 port of the projector.

The projector is shipped from WorldViz pre-configured for 3D projection. Use the on-board controls or remote controller to power the projector on and off. Make sure 3D mode is set to 'On' (not 'Auto').

Connect the 3D Emitter to the stereo card using the 3-Pin Mini DIN cable.

Connect the 3-Pin Mini DIN connector cable to the 3D emitter.

Attach the PPT Eyes to the 3D glasses using the mounting clips.