Follow the steps below to configure Scalable Panel Assembly for Corner Caves.

Display Clients

    • Select Use Remote Display Clients and check Apply Warp & Blend in Graphics Driver, making sure that the Assigned Display Client on the right side of your screen is green. If it is not green, left-click the Assigned Display Client and click Remove, and Scalable will update the display client.


    • Make sure the Rows and Columns on the right side of the screen match up to the physical layout of your projectors. In this example we are using a corner cave with 2 walls, so you would choose 1 Row and 2 Columns. Make sure that both projectors in the middle are Enabled.

For a corner cave, we skip Pan-Tilt Connections and Cameras.


    1. Select CAVE and uncheck Camera Calibrate Single Projector Panels.

    2. On the right side of your screen, check the correct panels in relation to the physical layout of your projectors. In this example we are using a front wall and a right wall, so you would check Front Number of Projectors and Right Number of Projectors.

    3. For the screen dimensions, you need to measure the dimensions of both screens using meters as your units. For Width, measure the Front screen's (#1) width. For Height, measure either screen's height, making sure both screens should have the same height. For Depth, measure the Right screen's (#2) width.

For a corner cave, we skip Data Collection.

Image Boundary

    1. Select Panel 1 and start with any corner, clicking and dragging the circle until it reaches the corresponding corner of the projection on the wall. You can worry about fine tuning it after you get all four corners roughly where the edge of the projections are.

    1. With all 4 corners almost at the edges of the screen, you can click on each circle and using the arrow keys on your keyboard to do smaller, incremental adjustments until the edges of the grid match up with the edges of the projection.

    1. With Panel 1 done, you can move on to Panel 2 and repeat step B, making sure you line up the lines in the grids in the corner where both screens meet.


    • Click Engage to engage your calibration. If it doesn't look correct, click Disengage.

**System Restart

If the system gets restarted, sometimes you lose the 3D effect when running quad buffer.

To re-establish the stereo display, please follow the procedure order below:

1. restart the system

2. open Scalable and make sure it is disengaged (a lot of time, it will show as engaged in the management panel even if the screens do not look like they are engaged)

2. Re-do Mosaic steps

3. Engaged Scalable

4. Check the synchronize setting in the nvidia panel.