Powering and Restarting PPT

PPT is able to be run continuously 24/7 if this is desired, there is no need to exit from the PPT Studio software, or to shut down the computer. However, for the life span of the sensor, it is recommended to shut down the power of the cameras in order to prolong their lifetime. The recommended way to turn off all cameras is to turn off the switch (disconnect it from the power outlet)

PPT Startup and Reset

The PPT camera network is a standalone network which includes the cameras, switch(s), and one network card in the machine. All ethernet cables should be Cat5e or above

  1. To start up a PPT system, perform the following steps:

  2. Connect all PPT cameras to the PoE ethernet switch

  3. Connect the switch to the PPT host machine

  4. Power up the PPT host computer

  5. After the machine has finished booting up, wait at least 10 seconds before you connect to the cameras in PPT Studio

If there are any issues connecting to the cameras, reboot the cameras by power cycling the PoE ethernet switch. Then start PPT Studio again.