Demo Launcher

The WorldViz demo launcher is a tool for downloading and running Vizard demo applications. The demo launcher opens up two windows:

  • Vizard graphics window: This is the window that renders the VR demos. From the menu in the holodeck (shown above), you can download and switch between demos.

  • Demo Launcher Dialog: From the demo launcher dialog you can edit your hardware configuration, download demos, and change global settings (e.g wall warning settings, multi sampling)

Configuration File

By default, the demo launcher folder contains a single vizconnect configuration file named Any changes made through the Edit Hardware Configuration interface are saved to this file. The launcher will load if it is the only one saved in the folder. When there are multiple config files, the launcher opens a dialog to select which one to use.

  • VizMove Walking VR: The file should be pre-configured for a Walking VR system

  • VizMove Projection VR: A WorldViz engineer will create a configuration file during onsite installation. See the Projection VR section of the Configuration Files page if you are creating a file on your own.


  • Single User: Run the demo_launcher64.exe file to start the launcher.

  • Multi User/Cluster: For setups that use clustering (e.g. clustered CAVE, collaboration) run the file to start the launcher.

Automatic updates

  • Updates to demos will appear as required downloads as they become available.

  • Updates to the launcher itself will appear as an optional download as they become available.