Nvidia settings for Walking VR

Note: The VizMove PC is shipped pre-configured with the settings shown on this page

Nvidia Driver installation

In the event that drivers need to be reinstalled, run the Nvidia installer and select ‘Custom Install’. Select ‘Clean Installation’ and uncheck all boxes except the ‘Graphics Driver’ and the ‘HD Audio Driver’.

Nvidia Control Panel

Right click on the desktop and open the Nvidia Control Panel.

3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings

The following settings are recommended by WorldViz for optimal performance.

⦁ Anisotropic filtering: 4x

⦁ Antialiasing FXAA: Off

⦁ Antialiasing Gamma Correction: On

⦁ Antialiasing Mode: Override any application setting

⦁ Antialiasing Setting: 8x

⦁ Antialiasing Transparency: Multisample

⦁ Power Management Mode: Prefer Maximum Performance

⦁ Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias: Clamp

Optional Reading: The following is an in depth guide to the Manage 3D settings: