Oculus for Walking VR

The Walking VR machine is shipped with Oculus software installed. In order for Vizard or the Demo Launcher to work with the Oculus, the Oculus software must connect to the headset.

Note: Do not connect the Oculus camera sensor when using PPT for tracking. When the sensor is connected, the IR LEDs in the Oculus headset get activated. These light sources show up as additional markers in PPT Studio and interfere with tracking.

Follow the instructions below to connect to the Oculus headset the first time. Vizard will automatically startup the Oculus software and connect to the headset as long as you don't sign out of the Oculus software.

  • Run the Oculus software, create an Oculus account, and sign in.

  • Open the Settings > Devices page and verify that the headset is connected. To use the Oculus with Vizard only the headset HDMI and USB cables must be connected. Completing the Oculus Set Up is not required.

  • Open the Settings > General page and enable the Unknown Sources option to allow Vizard scripts to run on the Rift HMD.