3D View

The talk button is always active when the 3D view is selected. Dragging with the right and left mouse button within the 3D view rotates and pans. Scrolling with a mouse wheel zooms the 3D view.

Context Menu

Inspect your data in real-time and configure the view as you like by right-clicking to bring up a menu of options for controlling the Markers, Cameras, Views, and Grid settings.

Number of markers

This specifies the maximum number of markers that PPT will try and track in your environment.

Note: When the MarkerID plug-in is added and configured for manual marker selection, the value shown above is locked to the marker ID count.

Marker visibility

This view shows each of the markers and their visibility in the environment. Markers failing to compute a 3D fix will display as red instead of green. If a marker value is not visible it means that a plugin has hidden this marker (e.g. PPT Eyes plug-in). See the post-process plugin documentation for more information.

Marker data

This view shows the raw position and orientation value for each marker. A standard PPT wireless marker will only show up with position information, but with the addition of a post-processing plugin (e.g. PPT Eyes), markers can also contain orientation information as well. The units shown here are in meters for position, and Euler angle degrees for rotation.